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Fern Pessin  

Hi. I'm Fern. I was raised taking care of a beagle/german shepherd mutt (Caesar) and summered with two cats (Bonnie & Clyde). In 2001 I adopted a friend's Lhasa Apso when he moved to a place that didn't allow pets. Since the passing of my beloved Taylor, I have been getting my animal love by helping friends and family with their pets.

As a fundraising event planner, Charity Matchmaking, I work with many pet shelters and pet businesses to provide unique and fun activities and events for people with their pets. I've done work for pet cancer care, a pet food pantry, a few shelters and rescue organizations, some retailers and a groomer. I will keep on doing that work because it's needed! 

I find that there's nothing more energizing and uplifting, there's nothing that makes me smile more, than the joy and love of a pet.  In May of 2013 I acquired insurance for pet sitting and started pet sitting professionally. Since then I've had the opportunity to sit for parrots, chickens, fish, guinea pigs, a turtle, a horse, dogs and cats. I've been asked about rabbits and a chinchilla! Except for reptiles, I'm pretty open to learning about new animals. My goal is to give animals a positive experience while their human families are away thus relieving the stress (and possibly guilt?) that people feel when heading off on trips without their pets. Let's keep everyone happy! 

I am highly adaptable to different environments and as long as there's WiFi I can do work and write my books from just about anywhere! You can feel confident that your home will be well cared for and your pets will be happy when I am on the job!! :-) I hope you'll give me a chance to ease your mind when you travel away from your treasured pets. 

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I have a referral network of vetted service providers that I can recommend if I am unavailable for part of your desired dates. I also have back-up sitters that can take over if for some reason I am unable to complete your sit due to an emergency. 

I can provide referrals to people who board dogs and cats at their homes and a few partners that have business locations that board just a few dogs by appointment only.

I have several trainers that I work with that can meet your specific needs and your preferred training style. Let’s discuss!

Fern Pessin
Fern's Pet & House Sitting 
Call 203.524.4735 or email -
fern@fernspethousesitting.com - for details, reservations and references.

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