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Fern Pessin  

Hi. I'm Fern. I was raised taking care of a beagle/german shepherd mutt (Caesar) and summered with two cats (Bonnie & Clyde). In 2001 I adopted a friend's Lhasa Apso when he moved to a place that didn't allow pets. Since the passing of my beloved Taylor, I have been getting my animal love by helping friends and family with their pets.

As a fundraising event planner, Charity Matchmaking, I work with many pet shelters and pet businesses to provide unique and fun activities and events for people with their pets. I've done work for pet cancer care, a pet food pantry, a few shelters and rescue organizations, some retailers and a groomer. I will keep on doing that work because it's needed! 

I find that there's nothing more energizing and uplifting, there's nothing that makes me smile more, than the joy and love of a dog, cat, bird, etc.  In May of 2013 I acquired insurance for pet sitting and started pet sitting professionally. Since then I've had the opportunity to sit for parrots, chickens, fish, dogs and cats. I've been asked about rabbits and a chinchilla! Except for reptiles, I'm pretty open to learning about new animals. My goal is to give animals a positive experience while their human families are away thus relieving the stress (and possibly guilt?) that people feel when heading off on trips without their pets. Let's keep everyone happy! 

I am highly adaptable to different environments and as long as there's WiFi I can do work and write my books from just about anywhere! People feel confident that their home will be well cared for and their pets will be happy when I am on the job!! :-) I hope you'll give me a chance to ease your mind when you travel away from your treasured pets. 

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Beth is a phenomenal, creative, talented and passionate woman with a love of cats. She pet sits for multi cat homes and dogs. Her husband is allergic to animals so she gets her purr fix by pet sitting! 

Kim, Andy, Holly & More...  
I have a referral network of vetted service providers that I can recommend. There are several trustworthy freelance pet sitters available to fill dates as needed. Each has their own area and specialties. 

I can provide referrals to people who board dogs and cats at their homes and a few partners that have business locations that board just a few dogs by appointment only.

My go-to person for dog training is Heather Witt-Sullivan. She helps me when I am challenged with a pet sitting client and she has helped many dog owners learn how to manage their dogs so that all can live in a harmonious house. 

Heather Witt graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Animal Sciences and Biology, starting her dog training business, Heather Witt’s Complete Canine Company™, in 1989 in her home state of Connecticut. Heather trains privately and also teaches group classes through Westport Continuing Education where she has been a dog obedience instructor for close to 20 years. Heather served on the Dangerous Dog Committee for the town of Westport, and assists a local Save Our Strays organization with temperament evaluations for dog adoptions. She hosted a popular local dog training radio show, and published a behavior and training booklet in association with Bob and Susan Goldstein’s Healing Center for Animals. Heather is Secretary to the Board with the Riedel & Cody Fund, a non-profit foundation that raises money to help families afford cancer treatment for their pets. Heather and her dog, Maple, participate in reading programs for kids, AKC obedience and rally events, and CPE agility events. Maple won the 2007 Top Leo of the Year Award for obedience. Heather lives in Easton, CT with her husband, two sons, dog, cat, and five chickens. www.HeatherWitt.com

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